12 Top Home Security Tips

12 Top Home Security Tips

The FBI reports have shown that crime is certainly on the rise. In 20-minute intervals, about $1,000 is lost from different properties alone. Burglary is more of a crime of opportunity– when the homeowner is careless, the entry of burglars become possible. In this article,

12 top home security tips

will be enumerated to help you secure your place better.

1. Put yourself in the burglar’s shoes—Once or twice a year, survey your own home with a friend or a close neighbor who is not very familiar with your house. Roam around and ask yourselves how you would break into the house. The reason why you are doing it with someone is for you to eliminate the possibility of overlooking something.

2. Have your property surveyed—Local law enforcers would give you a free survey of your property to identify any potential trouble spots in the vicinity. They will also give you some tips to improve your home security.

3. Have some burglar warnings—There is no question that one of the best burglar deterrents is a dog. A menacing bark from your pet could surely scare away intruders and this is not because they are afraid of a four-legged creature but because they do not want to get any attention.

4. Secure your doors—Consider getting some door reinforcement kits from your local home improvement store. You may also want to use an electronic door opener for your garage as garage doors are common targets.

5. Secure your windows—Windows are broken by burglars either intentionally or by accident. When they do due to the first reason, this is probably because they couldn’t find any other way. You must secure your windows. The old trick of using small eyebolts would still work well.

6. Prune all your trees and shrubs—Make sure that your prune your trees regularly so that no one can hide in them. Tall trees can also provide access to the upper story of the house so always keep the branches at reasonable distance from the house.

7. Keep all ladders in—Come on, never leave your ladders outside your home. If you do, you are more like inviting burglars to come in and ransack your property. Aside from keeping the ladders, make sure that you keep other tools too.

8. Protect your basement windows—Your basement may not have much, but it could serve as an entry point to burglars. Make sure that its windows are protected by grates and other home security devices.

9. Never leave your house key outside the house– This may be practical for the family but it could be too to burglars.

10. Make sure that you have enough lights—Your home must be well-lighted especially the exterior doors.

11. Check other slots– Check your mail slot, pet entrance, dryer vent, and all the other small holes in the house. Can anyone get in by using them?

12. Install a home security camera– Installing a camera is useful in securing your home. With one, you can keep an eye on your home any time you want.